Professional medical service of «Nordis»

On the basis of the medical center «Nordis» can be given a thorough examination of the body and get the advice of highly qualified specialists in various fields of medicine. According to studies, our doctors will make an individual program of prevention and treatment of identified diseases, directed to a surgical treatment if necessary.

In today’s operational department conducted a wide range of operations under local and general anesthesia; as in «Nordis» provides services for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, including the use of reproductive technologies (IVF).

Best Doctors experts are selected from the Best Doctors in America® List. The Best Doctors in America List is our proprietary database that includes the world’s top medical specialists. Physicians are selected to be on this list only after being nominated via our poll, in which physicians are asked, “If you or a loved one needed a physician in a given specialty, to whom would you refer?” Physicians cannot pay to be included on the Best Doctors in America® List or nominate themselves for consideration. This list includes more than 50,000 physicians worldwide  in more than 450 medical specialties and subspecialties.

No. Best Doctors provides medical information only and not medical care, diagnosis, or treatment. You will not be a patient of Best Doctors or of any Best Doctor Expert that reviews your case. No doctor-patient relationship will be created between you and Best Doctors or you and a Best Doctors Expert. Your treating physician maintains all responsibility for your care and all treatment decisions will be made solely between you and your treating physician.

No. Best Doctors is providing you with this information so that you can bring it to your treating physician and work with him or her to make informed decisions regarding your diagnosis and/or treatment plan.